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How to raise the density of the battery

How to increase the density of the battery

It so happens that in the idle day, the car does not start, the starter does not twist.

Battery runs per day, despite the fact that it is charged from the network for a long time. Diagnosis is simple - fell density of the electrolyte in the battery.

Prolonged overcharge electrolyte boils and evaporates, its volume decreases. On the advice of the manufacturer, made up in distilled water battery, but very few people at the same time measures the density.

Since one does not boils the water and electrolyte also, its density decreases.

It's time to increase the density.

You will need

  • Hydrometer,? Pear? -klizma, Beaker, electrolyte, battery acid, distilled water, a solution of baking soda, a drill, a soldering iron.



First, where to start, this measuredensity of the electrolyte in each battery bank individually. The density should be within the range from 1.25 to 1.29? less than in southern regions with warm winters, greater? northern areas with a cold in the summer, and the spread of readings for banks should be 0.01. If the measured density showed that its value is in the range 1,18-1,20, it is quite possible to manage topping up the electrolyte with a density of 1.27. First, bring up the desired density in a single bank. Pump out the electrolyte by means of? Pears ?, pump out as much as possible greater amount, measure the volume, top up with fresh electrolyte in half the volume of the pumped out. Shake the battery from side to side and measure density. If the density is not achieved the desired parameter, even add in electrolyte volume chetrverti from bulging. In further topping the volume is reduced by half, to achieve the desired density. And when you reach the desired density of the residue add distilled water.

Determination of the optimal density of the battery


If the density fell below the limit of 1.18, thenthe electrolyte does not help here, need the battery acid. Its density is much higher, because the electrolyte is prepared from it by mixing with distilled water. Work is carried out in the same manner as with the addition of electrolyte, but in this case the procedure may have to be repeated if, after the first stage of dilution density reaches the desired measure.

density Testing


Another method involves complete replacementelectrolyte in the battery. For this it is necessary to pump the maximum amount of the electrolyte by means of? Pears ?, hermetically close the vents plugs battery jars, put the battery on the side and bottom of the battery, drill 3-3.5, drill holes, alternately in each bank, while not forgetting this drained electrolyte. Then washed with distilled water within the battery. Drilled holes sealed acid resistant plastic, the best cork from another battery. And pour fresh electrolyte, it is better to cook it yourself with a density slightly higher than normal for your climate zone.

Sealing bores

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