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How to raise the boy

How to raise a boy

When parents learn that they have a boy,they immediately determine for themselves on a subconscious level, how they will love, cherish and protect against all difficulties. And in that moment, when mom and dad, grandma, aunt, grandfather for the first time take the baby in his arms, the love covers their head.

But how to raise the boy properly, so that later he grew a real man?



Do not expose the child unnecessarily.Eliminate excessive (it is worth emphasizing - is excessive) "baby talk", care, love. Indulgence whims, permissiveness and omnipresent parental love can only hurt the child. The boy needs to grow independent, initiative and a strong personality, able to stand up for yourself and your family.


Encourage your child to work.Refer all boy since childhood at least a minor homework. Let the kids help collect new dad bought a chest of drawers or in a hurry to help my mother when she was vacuuming or sweeping the floor. The kid himself can wear their backpacks and bags. The child should not be afraid to work, because it is the boys as adults, are required to become breadwinners.

Refer all boy since childhood at least a minor homework


Do not be too hard on a child.It is necessary to eliminate excessive strictness and regular flick. Constant desire to subjugate the child's mother to his desires and moral principles lead to the fact that he will grow weak-willed, spineless and non-self. Excessive strictness of parents also do not lead to anything good, the child will try to escape from under the control by any means.


Do not limit the baby in his activity. The boys are very energetic and active in nature. They seek to explore all the surrounding space. If you limit them in this endeavor, the children will grow closed, not able to adapt to any circumstances.

Do not limit the baby in his activity


Demonstrate a personal example of parents in all things,As for life in society - of dialogue, respect for elders, the relationship between man and his second half. Only positive examples in each of the above parameters will be for boy guide it in its future life. For this reason, the baby's mother should be the epitome of the ideal woman and her father - a hero who can emulate.

Demonstrate a personal example of parents

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