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How to raise a smart dog


How to raise a smart dog</a>

Here comes the long-awaited moment, the puppy you chose for the first time was in a new house.

Ahead is a fascinating stage of development of the territory. But what will happen next?

A small dog climbs where it is not necessary, does not listen to you at all and does not understand at all what you are demanding of it.

How to turn a restless and sometimes capricious puppy into an obedient and intelligent dog?



Nature ordered that the very firstThe puppy learns skills from his mother. She shows him how to behave and from whom to defend himself. Everything happens on the level of instincts, and therefore it is intuitively understandable to a small creature. A person begins to train the dog. The sooner we begin to do this, the more chances of success. From the very first minutes in the new house, allow or forbid the puppy what you think is necessary.

How to raise a dog wolfhound


For training to be successful, it is important to understandHis dog. Based on materials on the Internet, books and information received from breeders, study the behavior of dogs of the breed that you yourself have started.

Finnish Finnish Laika How to Raise a Puppy


Another important point is the repetition and consolidation of skills. What you taught the dog, it should not forget.

How to raise a rottweiler


If the puppy has messed up in the apartment, scold him, andEspecially to beat, completely useless. You need to take some rag and wipe the puddle made by the puppy. Place the place in the apartment treated with a special tool, bought at a pet store. A rag you take out on the street when next time you go to walk the puppy. He recognizes the smell and does his business where it is supposed to. Perhaps this will not happen the first time, but it will necessarily happen. Do not forget to praise and encourage the pet, if he did it right.

What does the Rottweiler look like?


It often happens that a puppy whines in the absenceOwner. It is necessary to move to another room, and the dog is already starting to complain plaintively and to look for you. With this you need to fight. First, leave the bedroom to the kitchen for a minute, then two, five, and so on. Increasing the time of your absence, you will accustom the dog to wait for you. If the puppy whimpers or barks, wait until it stops, and only then return to the room.

Watch as the Rodwellers


To chop the dog aimlessly bark will help strictcollar. Negative motivation is a very effective way of training. If the doorbell rang and the dog started barking, gently pull the leash and give the command "place" or "sit". Easy jerking leash will help your puppy learn the commands "impossible" and "fu".


Pet begging is a scourge for manyOwners. It is worth to sit down at the table, and the puppy is already spinning under his feet, begging for something delicious. It is especially hard when guests come. Food from the human table is not just harmful, but dangerous for pets. Do not pay attention to the plaintive glances and whining of the dog. The table for her is a strict ban, which can not be violated.


If you come back from work and find out,That in the apartment the mess created by the dog means that she lacks activity. An animal just does not have a lot of energy to spill out. The solution to the problem are walks (both in the morning and in the evening) with compulsory physical activity. Accustom the dog to bring you a stick, jump over obstacles. If your pet is chewing on sneakers or stool legs, buy him special toys. Dogs are the smartest creatures, they will quickly understand what can be gnawed with impunity, and what is under the ban.


If you can not solve any problem related to raising a dog, consult a specialist. The coach will train her necessary teams and give a number of valuable tips.

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