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How to raise a puppy

How to raise a puppy

If you want from your puppy to grow smart, obedient, healthy dog, you have to attach to it a lot of effort to achieve a successful outcome.

You can bring up simple commands without resortinga professional trainer. Trust - is the foundation of education. Be patient and affectionate to your pet, the only way you will win their trust. Dog will not listen, if there is good contact with it.

As a rule, you have to come up with a nickname beforehandtheir pets, so he responded to it. When you begin to feed him, call affectionately nicknamed. It should be your character, when the puppy goes through with food.

If you want the house was clean and tidy,often walk the dog. Teach your puppy to go to the toilet in one place. If the pet chose a place to lay a diaper and each time when coming to their needs, praise it.

Education and training - two different things. Education - this is the correct behavior, and training - a team that delivers a host. But first, nurture, and then can be re.

To your pet quickly and easily performcommand "to me", he beckoned his delicacy, before saying a command. When the puppy will perform the command, be sure to praise him. On the walk do not allow the dog to pull the leash. If this happened, it is sure to pull it.

By purchasing the dog you purchase does not just pet and friend.

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