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How to raise a pit bull

How to raise a pit bull

American Pit Bull Terrier - one of the strongest dog fighting breeds.

Their proper training - a guarantee that you and your loved ones will not suffer from the teeth of their own pet.



The earlier start training a pit bull, thebetter. Little puppy carefully absorb all what he wants to convey to his boss. He remembers the team for life, he did not have a desire to disobey them.

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Training is carried out with a hungry puppy. The only way he will listen carefully and do not refuse to work. The first thing you must learn a pet - a proper name. Show the dog a treat and call, calling nickname. When the pit bull run up - praise and give a treat. It is in this sequence. This is done to ensure that the further training puppy expecting first praise. A delicacy will be encouraged only exceptional services.

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Second, what you need to teach your puppy pit bull -"Fu" command or "no". Puppies are fighting breeds early start to show aggression. First - in games, then - in response to external stimuli - running around children, cats, loud screaming people. If you do not want to pit bull someone hurt from childhood to suggest to him that the "Fu" or "no" - orders, which are binding. To inculcate this habit so. Once you see that the puppy shows aggression, or does what is forbidden - approach to it, stop, push the coccyx, so he sat down, and say firmly - "Fu" or "no". Hold the dog, pulling the tailbone towards the floor, 30-40 seconds. Strictly looking at the puppy and repeat the command. Release. When he returned to an abandoned case - first repeat training. If he changed his mind - praise, give a treat. You will need a lot of patience and rigor, but these qualities are needed in educating the puppy fighting breeds.

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Puppies did not set even in animals and humansjoke, it could trigger his natural aggression. Pit bull is trained strictly, these dogs need to feel the owner supremacy and obey him completely. The only way you will save the family members, neighbors, passers-by a sudden attack of aggressive dogs.

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