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Rain on the Christmas tree: how to decorate a holiday


Christmas tree without silver orColored rain does not look so elegant. Overflowing under the iridescent lights, the garlands of the "jet" of rain strengthen the feeling of the holiday, a beautiful beauty of the forest, and the whole house as a whole adorn a hundred times. Decorate The Christmas tree Rain You can do it differently, you just have to show your imagination.

Rain on the Christmas tree: how to decorate a holiday



The easiest way is to simply sketch out individual raindrops on The Christmas tree. Just a little, otherwise they will divert attention from Christmas toys, and even from Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden under the tree. In addition, the abundance of rain makes the tree like lifeless, metallic.


Take a few packages of rain of different colors. Attach their bases to the top of the tree, and then start spiraling down first to distribute the package of one color, then the other, then the third, and so on. Colors should not be mixed. Your New Year tree will shine like a rainbow.


The principle is the same as in the previous version, withThe only difference is that by spiraling the first skein of rain, the second you begin to untwist in the opposite direction. Cross threads of colored rain look very impressive. Do not forget about the sense of proportion.


If your Christmas tree stands in a corner, decorate its facadeA figure from the rain. It will take longer rain. Attach the base of one beam of rain on the top of the tree, and then start to spread out the figure - a snowflake, a star, a fur-tree, a circle (a face, for example, a fairy-tale hero). Bends and corners fasten with clips or pins, fasten them to the twigs of a tree. If one package is not enough, attach to the crown near the first bundle - the second and start repeating the shape of the figure, only in the opposite direction. So that the ends of the beams meet. Secure the figure properly so that it does not crumble, and bring it to the end. If you were planning a star, make rays emanating from it (also from rain), if a clown, make eyes from the blue rain, a nose from a yellow rain, a broadly smiling mouth - from red, a cap - from green, etc. Imagine with the children.


Even before you start hanging on The Christmas tree New Year's toys, attach the base of a silvery rain on the top of the tree and gently spiral the trunk. In this case, over toys Rain decorate The Christmas tree not necessary.


Attaching to the top of the fir tree 2-3 bunches of rain, sprinkle it with a fan all over the spruce. Take care that he does not curtain toys, but only emphasizes their brilliance with their radiance.


If your Christmas tree stands on some elevation (onTable, on a stool), attach a thread to its lower branches so that it forms a circle along the entire diameter of the lower part. Then take a rain on one "trickle" and throw on this thread tightly one after another. As a result, you should get sparkling with all the colors of the rainbow "skirt" for the tree. The bottom of the "skirt" (near the floor) is trimmed with scissors. You can also decorate the top of the spruce, fixing several beams of rain on the top of the head and scattering the "streams" down a few centimeters high (cut with scissors). Get a "cap". Very original.


Place the rain not vertically, as it usually isDo everything, and horizontally, laying it straight on the branches of the fir. So you will emphasize the multilevel beauty of the forest. The gaps between the indicated tiers can be decorated as follows: in one interval the balls are only blue, in the other - only red, in the third - only gold, etc. Experiment, invent, invent. In one of the tiers you can hang out edible toys - sweets, tangerines, pastilles.

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