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Radiant Floor Heating

Radiant floor - heating without radiators

There are many ways for central heating: traditional radiator heating technology "electric warm floor" technology "water warm floor", etc.

And the last way to become more and more popular every year.

Benefits of water underfloor heating

The operating principle of "water floor" is the same as that ofconventional radiator heating system: hot coolant is supplied through pipes and heats the room. But in contrast to the traditional method of heating, water floor has lots of advantages.

- Long operational period (service life of plastic pipes, which are used during installation of the heating system is approximately 50 years).
- Savings in heat energy consumption to 12%.
- Uniform heating premises without cold or overheated areas.
- Provide a comfortable thermal mode: 21-22oS at foot level and 20 ° C at head level.
- Elimination of moisture, but not over-drying of air, ensuring an optimum humidity.
- The absence of radiators in the room increases the usable area, and thus gives opportunities owners of the house in terms of creating a unique interior design.

In the apartments with a central water supply water floor unit is prohibited.

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Features of the device water floor

Technology "Radiant Floor Heating" can be used in public and industrial areas, and residential buildings. There are two types of water floors: flatness and concrete.

When grazing system installation of floor heatingperformed without ties. In the second case is filled with concrete screed. Essential components of such a heating system: polymer or metal-pipe, insulation materials, pump providing water circulation in the heating system, manifolds with fittings and fasteners.

The most popular now enjoys a concrete system of warm floors. Installation of the heating system can be divided into the following stages:

- Divide the room into sections,
- Thermal insulation coating surface,
- Laying of wire mesh and pipes,
- Compression of work,
- Pouring the concrete screed,
- Finish flooring.

In the first phase area of ​​the room is divided intosmall areas, the maximum size should not exceed 40 square meters, and the aspect ratio - 1: 2. After the pre-cleaned at the base of the floor is laid insulation material (ideally, use foam or penoteks). Between the individual floor water sectors, as well as the perimeter is lined with damping tape. A polyethylene placed over the insulation material.

Recommended mesh size Wire Meshis 150 x 150, and the rod section should be 4-5 mm. On top of stacked wire mesh tube with a pitch of 80-300 mm (they are fixed to the reinforcement mesh with plastic collars). There are several ways to pipe installation: double snake and the snake, and the spiral of off-center, etc.

Do not attach the pipe to the fitting too tightly, since the tight fastening ties deformation may occur.

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After installation work is carried outcrimping system (it is carried out in order to detect mechanical damage), poured concrete screed and finishing installation fulfilled finishing material.

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