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RABIES: symptoms, treatment and prevention

Rabies: symptoms, treatment and prevention

Rabies - an acute viral disease that affects a person after being hit on the damaged surface of the skin of an infected animal's saliva.

Pathogen rabies refers to the group rhabdoviruses and highly pathogenic for most warm-blooded animals.

Symptoms of rabies in humans

Once in the blood of man, the virus quicklyIt moves along the nerve trunks and reaches the brain. The incubation period lasts from 7 days up to three months. The forerunners of the disease are unpleasant sensations in the already healed bite alarm without specific reasons, insomnia, depressive state of seizure.

The next stage begins and hydrophobiaaerophobia. When you try to drink a patient begin frantically to shrink laryngeal and pharyngeal muscles. The slightest whiff of air jets in the face of having seizures. The body temperature of a systematic low-grade.

In the third stage increases the excitement, there are auditory or visual hallucinations, seizures rampage replaced wanton aggression. A few days death occurs from paralysis.

Diagnosis of rabies

Rabies Laboratory diagnostic methodshelp the doctor to confirm the disease, the patient's blood if antibodies to the virus. The antigen can also be detected in corneal eye and prints in skin biopsies.

rabies Treatment

rabies treatment should be started before theFirst clinical signs of disease. Patients underwent emergency vaccination, which helps to prevent the deadly disease. Do not forget that save patients admitted to hospital with clinical symptoms of rabies can not.

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