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How to quickly recover after a workout

How to quickly recover after a workout

To recover from fitness and sports, you need to relax properly.

Result from employment will be maximized and fatigue will not prevent you to do household chores, if you stick to simple rules.



Do hitch to recuperate after training. This will prevent muscle pain, strengthen metabolism in the muscle system and relieve tension.


Be sure to restore the water balance in the body after exercising. After a workout, drink a glass of pure water or fresh juice. You will feel the vivacity and quench your thirst.


After the class is recommended to eat right. Fruit, yogurt, granola bar or a handful of nuts - great light snack. And then, after 2-3 hours, you need a square meal.


Massage - greatly helps to relax and relievemuscle tension. Even the simplest rubbing and massaging motion will restore and improve blood circulation, and thus the transport of nutrients to the joints and muscles.


Sleep - the best cure for fatigue and pain after exercise. Allow yourself to soak up the extra bed a couple of hours.

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