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How to quickly ramp up your hair at home

Hair extension

For long hair, you can do a lot of original hairstyles. Especially popular among the modern women of fashion, for example, enjoy exquisite French braid.

Owners of short haircuts for similar experiments have only dreamed.

However, in this situation there is a way - hair extensions, which can easily be carried out not only in the cabin, but also at home.

The fastest way to

If you want to increase the hair quickly, the mostthe best option in this case is the use of overhead strands. They are sold in specialized stores and showrooms. Such locks can be easily secured with a special pins on their own hair.
The main drawback of this method - paper clipshairpins often noticeable even with careful masking own hair. Besides fixing method in this case is not reliable, and, quite possibly, the emergence of feelings of discomfort.
A more convenient method of using overheadstrands is a Japanese technique. In this case, instead of pins used small metal beads with clip mechanism. The ball threaded through both strands of artificial and natural hair. After that clip tightly compressed special clip. Beads are absolutely invisible and are reliable mount.

Hot and cold capacity

More sophisticated methods are considered to increasehot and cold equipment. In this case, except for artificial strands you will need special equipment, additional materials and some knowledge. Previously better observe the procedure of the building by a professional.
Cold extensions - relatively safea method for producing long hair. The strands are glued to the roots of his own hair with special solutions. Most often, in this case a liquid carotene special glue or adhesive gel. Substances rapidly solidify and remain invisible. Note that to remove the artificial hair attached in this manner, it is possible using forceps alone. To improve the quality of the procedure is recommended to use ultrasonic devices to build.
Hot extensions - one of the most effective andAt the same time, harmful ways of fixing the artificial strands. To carry out such a procedure on their own is difficult. Without help, you can not do. The method consists in gluing artificial hair wax, resin or keratin capsules. Substances are preheated and during cooling, they lose their effectiveness. Hot instant compositions "soldered" to the hair, so at the wrong location in the strand to remove it would be problematic.
The main feature of the hot and cold hair extension is a uniform distribution of the synthetic strands. Otherwise, when combing the curls will always get confused.

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