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How to quickly prepare for the exam

How to quickly prepare for the exam

Three days before the exam - a lot or a little? How many students, so many opinions.

Someone even enough nights to study Chinese, and some for six months and can not understand the difference between subject and predicate.

But it was such a period - three days - usually given to prepare for the exam at the university full-time office.

And that it is necessary to try to meet the student to prepare for the exam and get a well-deserved five.

You will need

  • Lecture notes, textbooks.



Use the outline of the lecture. Ironically, it is lecture records contain the most relevant information. Teacher has studied dozens of sources, I have compiled all the knowledge and gave their students. Excellent knowledge of all that is contained in the lectures, in many cases ensures a solid four. And for the five still need to know a little more.


Do not surrounded by cushioning textbooks and notes. Select one publication as the primary. Another two or three can be used as a support, by any chance in the "main" answer to a question is not or not sufficiently set out.


Carefully read the questionnaire and mark the different colors of the questions that you know, the ones who do not know and those who do not want to know, but still have to learn.


No less carefully proshtudiruyte TOCstudent and contrast it with the text sections of questions. You can accurately mark the fields contents number of issues - however, it is better to make a copy of the sheet with a table of contents. Also proshtudiruyte your notes and put to a number of questions of the field.


Do not be prepared according to the method "from simple to complex"! Alternate simple and complex questions. Your brain has to work constantly, but not in overload mode. Familiar questions will help your mind to relax, and the knowledge that you at least know something, great cheers!


Alternate mental work with physical. Go wash the dishes. Walk onto the balcony. Walk the dog. Take out the trash. During such a straightforward operation, you can reflect on the issues, something repeated, and if you feel that the "teapot boils" throw to think and just relax.


Concentrate! Make yourself comfortable environment. Ask loved ones do not bother. Turn on the music or, conversely, upholster the walls with foam rubber for a perfect silence. But do not turn in on themselves. Look at yourself in the mirror more often. If you are pale, like Dracula, or shaggy, like Einstein - enough brainstorming, it's time to rest.


Cook cribs. Quick, tezisno recording on a small area of ​​cribs helps cool to structure knowledge. The main thing - keep cribs in day home exam or give them to someone else. Themselves do not use - you already know everything, and if the teacher notices that you are written off on a good estimate can not hope.


On the day before the exam give yourself some slack. Relax or do not think about anything. Soak in the bath. Call in the freebie box. Eat five packets of crisps. See the movie, which has long dreamed of seeing. On the night before the exam do not get ready, be sure to sleep enough. Maybe tomorrow you "fall" and will go to re-sit, so at least will not be on the exam as a sleepy fly.

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