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How to quickly learn English

How to quickly learn English

Have you studied English at school or just want to start getting to know him? You purposeful person, and value your time?

Soon you will be able to communicate in English, to understand foreign speech and read the English-language works in the original.

From you only need the desire and persistence.

You will need

  • -The Internet
  • -30 Minutes a day



Decide what you need to know English. You want to travel or communicate with people all over the world, to find a job or understand the lyrics of favorite artists? Motivation is very important! When you will be hard, remember that, for the sake of what you learn English.


Read the English-language articles on topics of interest to you. You will learn new and useful information, and the words and grammatical structures will be remembered by themselves.


Find a pen pal in English. You can go to forums, read and leave comments, so you learn to express their thoughts and expand the active vocabulary.


Start talking! You can communicate with foreigners through Skype. Find out if not held in your city English conversation clubs. Find someone to learn English, and speak with him. If you can go on a trip - do it. Communicating in a foreign language, you will gradually overcome the language barrier, the words of passive vocabulary transformed into an active, you will become easier to understand foreign speech and speak English.


Watch movies in English, preferably withoutsubtitles. So you simulate immersion. At first it will be difficult, but after a while you will notice a significant improvement in understanding speech.

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