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How to quickly get rid of a cold baby

Spring weather is always changing.

The sun warms the already strong, and even in the shade can be frozen.

And often the mothers of young children are faced with such unpleasant problem as runny nose.

It occurs on a background of reduced immunity after the winter and hypothermia. For example, baby sweating in the sun, and after - cold.

The viruses in the body of the child begin to actively proliferate. And in the late afternoon of children's nose snot flowing stream.

But if in time to begin treatment to get rid of the common cold can be a couple of days.



If your child suddenly become moody, sleepy,began to complain of pain and tingling in the nose, then immediately start receiving antiviral drugs. You can use homeopathic remedies or drugs based on interferon. This is to ensure that the disease did not begin in full force.


The nose should be washed several times a day. To do this, use the special brines based on sea water, which are sold in pharmacies. They can be used from birth.


And can be mixed by nasal lavage solution. Simply mix 2 teaspoons of salt in a glass of warm water, add a few drops of iodine there. Flush through a syringe without a needle. Salt solutions help thin the mucus in the nose, which can be easily blown out. Rinse the sinuses can also be infusion of chamomile flowers, it has an antibacterial effect.


Inhalation can make hot and cold steam. For the inhalation of cold, you will need a special device - a nebulizer, which is added to saline and medication. Inhalation of hot steam made of heated to 40 ° C water with the addition of pine or fir oils. Remember that hot inhalation can be done only in the absence of an elevated body temperature.


The child must be in a cold room with a humidity of at least 60%. It will not dry up the mucus in the nasal passages. Most ventilate the apartment and wipe with a damp cloth every surface.


Headrest baby cot better lift. Since the mucus will not build up in the throat. On the night in each nostril of the child can begin to drip vasoconstrictive drops.

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