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How easily and quickly do the cleaning at the cottage

How easily and quickly do the cleaning at the cottage

Spring came, and came to the May holidays. And all lovers of country rest want to spend a weekend in nature.

Coming to the country after a long winter, and it was full of garbage and old leaves. What holiday could be in such a situation?

Of course, you need to take care of the cleaning in advance, after the snow. But if this does not happen, then you have to spend cleaning quickly, so as not to spoil your holidays.

With the help of family and friends, you can clear the area to spend a few hours, and then enjoy your vacation.

You will need

  • Gardening tools, garbage bags



You can start with the house. Open all the windows, take the rugs and shake them. Collect all (shelves, books, chandelier) dust and cobwebs. Wash the floor under the bed, wardrobes, near the baseboards.


On the street, start with cleaning the remaining snow. If the snow has not yet melted all, it is scattered on the beds. So you not only get rid of the large piles of snow, but more moisture soaked the ground and thereby dissolve the fertilizer made in the autumn.


Last year's foliage. Do not rush to remove the leaves, let the wind will dry them a bit. Later, all you need to collect with the help of a rake in heaps. Heaps of dried leaves can be burned in special pits for garbage or take to the dump. Last year's foliage sure you want to remove, because under them might overwinter parasites that with the onset of heat begin to multiply. When you refresh cleaning leaves and loose ground, helping her to wake up and dry for future landings.


Household garbage. All the rest of the fall of the banks, boards, bags, tree branches, broken flower pots to collect in a garbage bag and take to the city dump.


Trees also need to spring clean. We must remove their protective cover, they are no longer needed. Look at all the trees. Dry and injured branches need to be cut with the help of garden secateurs. If the krona is too thick, the extra branches are also encouraged to cut. Growth under the trees to be removed, because they draw all the juice in the adult plant.


Flowerbeds. If you decide to make additional beds in the area, and in the fall did not have time, you can dig them now. Put to rye, is free from the bed of flowers. So the soil will be improved and overgrown with weeds.


Repairs. Repair the fence, benches, gazebo, barbecue oven. Look for cracks in the roof, and not whether it will occur during the rainy season. Clean sand from the track, to repair them in the right places, as well as wash water from a hose.


Summer pond. Because the natural reservoir should remove all the floating leaves and twigs, and then pull the rake debris from the bottom. From an artificial pond will have to pump out all the water and remove any debris inside. Small stones from the bottom should be washed in running water, and the plastic tray to wash brush. You can then re-fill the pond with water and pebbles. Also, do not forget to pull out all the tanks to collect rain water and install them in the right places.

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