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Fast repair: wooden tile


The desire to make quick repairs leads toThe need to find new interesting floor coverings. One of them - a wooden tile or a garden parquet, quickly gaining popularity. Thanks to special fasteners, laying takes a minimum of time, and the resulting coating of natural wood is hygienic and practical.

Wooden tiles

Garden parquet is a square orRectangular tiles from massive wooden slats. Planks are fixed on a plastic base by a mechanical method, so that the coating is absolutely not afraid of changes in temperature and humidity. The plastic base ensures the ventilation of the tree, therefore it is protected from decay as much as possible. Wooden tiles are often used in baths, saunas, on terraces or garden paths.

Massive slats on the front surface canBe arranged differently - diagonally, directly, into several fragments, in the form of a mosaic. Depending on this, the overall design of the floor covering will be formed. Inside, rooms usually use garden parquet from pine or cedar, and on the street - from larch or birch, as they are more resistant to decay. The flooring of coniferous wood is not only pleasant to touch and environmentally safe, but also significantly improves the microclimate in the room, gives an invisible but useful flavor.

How to pack Wooden tile

On the perimeter there are metal hooks,Which engage with each other, thus forming an integral coating. Installation of wooden tiles can be carried out even by a layman, it takes a little time, as no preliminary preparation of the surface is required.

Various sizes of wooden tiles are produced,From 300х300 mm to 600х600 or 900х200. Depending on the thickness of the plastic and massive strips, you can choose a coating thickness of 16 to 26 mm or more. Very impressive looks wooden decorative tiles in the form of puzzles or honeycombs, but it is better to glue it to a smooth prepared surface, for example, on a plywood base - and this is not far from quick repair.

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