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Quick repair: facade thermopanels


Among the ways to do a quick facade repairFacing thermal pans - an unconditional hit. In just a couple of weeks, the building will acquire a new elegant appearance and significantly improve the thermal insulation characteristics. However, improper installation can turn all the positive qualities of the panels into flaws.

Facade thermal panels assembly

Facade thermopanels areTwo-layer composition of clinker tiles and insulation. As a thermo-insulating layer, porous polyurethane foam is used, and the front side is made of clinker tiles made of quality calcined clay. On the thermopanels, the facade of the Russian production is also dependent on the presence of additional layers of mineral fiber and reinforcing glass mesh. A set of some systems immediately go dowels, slats and profiles for installation.

Facade thermopanels perfectly tolerate the differencesTemperature and humidity, clinker panels are resistant to ultraviolet radiation. It is important to properly install the modules to ensure the durability and reliability of the system.

Facing Facade thermopanels

First of all, you need to calculateHeat conductivity of all layers of the wall and select the insulation layer so that the dew point is inside the insulation. If it is inside the wall, inevitably rotting the material. The most popular as a thermal protection foam polystyrene with a density of 40, 60 or 100 mm thick.

Begin with the preparation of the foundation, itMust have sufficient load-bearing capacity. Clinker facade thermopanels with a thickness of 40 and 60 mm are produced, their weight is up to 26 kg per square meter. The wall should be flat, sometimes it makes sense to apply an evening layer.

It is important to ensure that there is no gap betweenPanels and a wall, for this purpose glue-foam is often used. In general, facing the facade thermal panels of the whole cottage will take from 2 to 3 weeks, and the basement of the building - only a few days.

Over time, polyurethane foam can change itsLinear dimensions due to changes in temperature and humidity. If the gaps were left between the panels and the wall, the material "will lead" and the seams will disperse.

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