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Delicious and fragrant strawberries

That is approaching holiday season, and many are already eagerly preparing for this. Such berries, like strawberries, like everything, but not everyone will be decided to grow it at his dacha.

And this is only due to the fact that these berries take a lot of time and effort. But there is a very simple way, you can cultivate strawberries on beds covered with black tape.

Then the landing will not require weeding, cultivation, frequent watering, and the berries ripen faster.

You will need

  • - Black film
  • - stones
  • - ground



The soil under the strawberry beds need to dig and fertilize copiously.


Lay the film, sprinkled its edges ground. Between the bushes of strawberries spread out stones that the film does not rise.


Seedlings planted in strawberries convenient hole,made in the film crosswise size of 5 x 5 cm. Between the plants should be left at 25 cm between rows of strawberries with 45 cm. And how to water the bushes.


For breeding strawberries for new plantings will have to be put under the strongest mustache plastic jars or cups to the ground. Whiskers in them and take root.

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