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Quality tires - a pledge of security

The choice of tires for the car - it is a responsible process. From the correctness of the decision depends on the safety of the driver and passengers.

After all, at various times, the road coverage is different and, therefore, the tire should be different.

Tires can be compared to human footwear. Not very convenient to go to the same summer and winter. But universal "shoes" yet invented for cars. Tyres are of three types:
- Winter (snow), suitable for snow-covered roads and movement ldu-
- Summer (highway), for pure asfalta-
- Universal or all-season (all season), in different ways, but in a mild climate.

Winter tires

The roads in the winter are often covered with snow and ice, andeven outside temperature is low. It is for these conditions fit winter tires. They are made of special rubber, which even in extreme cold does not lose its elasticity. This provides a good grip, reduced stopping distances.
There are two types in the tread pattern: Scandinavian and European. The difference in the depth of the grooves and the location of the checkers. Both views of the snow is stable, it allows you to go on the ice without problems. And tires can be studded and non-studded. Moving along the groomed road, on ice is very comfortable with spikes. They provide grip that reduces accidents. However, in the snow or in the mud, they are ineffective, since the surface does not allow "catch".

Winter tires

Summer tires made of solid materials,which tolerate heat, but cold are not effective. Checkers in Figure large, and in the central grooves of the tread wear indicators are set. On dry pavement these tires feel great in the warm time, they are comfortable. But if such tires used in winter, the grip is poor. Figure quickly clogged with snow and the braking distance will increase many times over. An important difference between summer tires - quiet on the road.

Universal bus

All-season tires are optionspopular in countries with a mild climate. In Russia, they are not suitable for all regions. Their huge advantage - they can be used at any time of the year. But their safety much debate.
In the offseason, such options fit perfectly,for example, when it rains, they are better than others hold grip. But in snowdrifts, they are a danger to life. And when heated asphalt can quickly wear out.

Tires and safety

To the car was safe, it is important to timeto change tires. In the summer it is not necessary to move in the winter and vice versa. Another important point is that all tires should be the same. Use 2 summer and 2 winter version is strictly prohibited.
When buying tires for the car, make sure that it corresponds to the brand of the machine that is suitable for the installation. To avoid mistakes, please consult with your master, not the seller in the cabin.
Follow amortization tires. they will last a few years, but the time to buy new when something will come with the correct operation. New tires have a better grip than those that are already partially rubbed.

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