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QUALITY pedicures

A quality pedicure

women spend whole days on my feet, so you need to take care of them and look right.

It is important not only to smear cream and legs do the bath, but also to make a pedicure, and every couple of months - a high quality.

Pedicure stands for "foot care"it should be carried out as regrowth of the nail plate, but not less than once a month. The standard procedure consists of a foot bath, nail polishing and processing. However, the intensity of modern life and a huge burden on the feet, especially women, who are chained in a vise narrow shoes with high heels, makes recourse to this kind of treatment of the legs as a quality pedicure. It is made when on the heels and soles are formed deep calluses, corns, there is the threat of the build-up, spurs.
Quality shows pedicure and womenage, change in hormonal levels which leads to a reduction in nutrient inputs into the upper layers of the skin resulting in skin of feet is actively crack formed horny growths, with whom regular pumice unable to cope.
As usual, a quality pedicure begins withfeet steaming. All procedures are performed only on clean skin of the feet. Done warm foot bath at room temperature or slightly warm. In the tub, you can add soap solution or an aromatic oil of lavender or rose: oil well soften the skin of the feet, obezzarazhivaya and moisturizing it.
After careful steaming foot wipe dry with a soft towel, and then proceed to the treatment of the skin. Techniques vary according to the condition of the legs and cracks, wounds.
If no violations of the skin, have resorted toacidic procedures are based on the brake application on the skin of creams with a high content of fruit acids. In the treated foot master must wear cotton socks or wrap polyethylene. Within 15-30 minutes, the cream will soften rough skin and allow it to safely remove. The most common use of alpha-gidrokisloty that are very allergic, so you need to carry out a test for reaction before the procedure.

After treatment creams to use mechanical devices to remove the rough skin can not, so the wizard will only work saws. A professional will do both, and foot massage.
The cuticle is also not require further treatment, it in no case can not be cut, only need to gently push the orange stick.

Completion of the procedure
After peeling legs rinsed in warm water andapplied regenerating cream or agent that promotes tissue regeneration. Now you can start processing nails. Toenails need a haircut, departing 1 cm from the soft part of the nail box.
It is recommended to cut the nails specialforceps or tweezers, but can be used for these purposes, and nail clippers. Just cut your nails should be strictly in a straight line, in order to avoid their ingrowth.
The final stage is the global pedicure polishing nails, skin, feet and heels special soft abrasive. This will give your skin and nails healthy shiny look.
At the end of the procedure cover nails colored or colorless varnish, which is applied to degreased nail plate. Clean nails can be ordinary nail polish remover.

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