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PYROTECHNICS: selection rules

Pyrotechnics: selection rules

In the old days, when fireworks can be seen only on public holidays, it is perceived by the population as something extraordinary and magic.

And there were specialty shops, where to choose quality goods was not easy after a few years.

Acquire the necessary fireworks in shops,licensed to sell such a product, so you can avoid injury when used. Pay attention to product packaging, the box should be wrapped in cellophane and sealed completely. If the integrity of the packaging somewhere broken, the unit may be damaged. The heavier the box, the more beautiful will be fireworks.

If possible, open the package, seehow well made tubes. Check the quality of the board, it should not be thin, only the thickness of not less than 0.8 mm indicates good powder charge. The longer the pipe, the shot will be higher. Study the instructions in the pyrotechnics in advance, so you in the dark for five minutes before the holiday is not to deal with the installation in the confusion.

Pyrotechnic products are divided into 4 categories. The first group includes fireworks, firecrackers, Roman candles and sparklers, ground and tabletop fountains. The second category includes the flying and ground fireworks. The charges are emitted at a much greater distance, but less than 30 meters. This salute very quickly fades.

The third category is the missile and battery. Such designs include multiple charges, departing one after the other without interruption. And the last group are professional fireworks. Such fireworks can only be purchased in specialized stores, presenting the resolution for the purchase.

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