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PYROTECHNICS: selection rules


Pyrotechnics: selection rules</a>

In the old days, when the salute could only be seen on public holidays, it was perceived by the population as something extraordinary and magical.

A few years later there were specialized stores where it was not easy to choose a quality product.

Acquire the necessary pyrotechnics in stores,Having a license to sell such a product, so you can avoid injuries while using. Pay attention to the packaging of the goods, the box should be in cellophane and absolutely tight. If the integrity of the packaging is broken somewhere, the installation may be damaged. The heavier the box, the more beautiful the salute will be.

If possible, open the package,How well the tubes are made. Check the quality of the cardboard, it should not be thin, only a thickness of at least 0.8 mm indicates a good powder charge. The longer the tube, the higher the shot. Study the instructions for pyrotechnics in advance, so that later in the dark five minutes before the holiday does not understand the installation in turmoil.

Pyrotechnic products are divided into 4 categories. The first include firecrackers, crackers, Bengal and Roman candles, ground and table fountains. The second category includes flying and ground fireworks. In them, charges take off to a much greater distance, but not more than 30 meters. Such a salute dies very quickly.

The third category includes rockets and batteries. Such structures include simultaneously several charges that fly out one after another without interruption. And the last group are professional salutes. Such pyrotechnics can be purchased only in specialized stores, by presenting a permit for purchase.

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