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How to wear pointe shoes

How to wear pointe shoes

Pointe shoes - ballet shoes special, where you can dance on the tips of his fingers.

In order to properly select and wear pointe shoes is necessary to observe a number of rules, or dancing is not only convenient for your ballet shoes, but even dangerous.

Invalid selected pointes may cause serious injury.

You will need

  • - puanty-
  • - a hammer-
  • - Two satin lenty-
  • - igolka-
  • - nitki-
  • - Inserts for shoes.



Get pointe shoes in specialized storeor from individual craftsmen. Try ballet shoes and make sure they are firmly seated on the leg. Sock pointe shoes, also called a box, should be narrow and rigid. In no case can not be free to choose ballet shoes, because their use can lead to injury legs. Ballet shoes should fit the foot bow, in this case the load on toes will be distributed evenly. Wearing just bought can not be pointe, because these shoes require special training before use.


Mash their new pointe shoes carefullymanner. Ballet shoes, made master of the individual by traditional technology, tend to have a very tight toe. Such footwear is sometimes necessary to knead hammer as long as it does not acquire the desired softness. Modern pointe shoes factory production have less stiffness and stretch them, you can simply hands.


Sew ribbons to pointes. Usually ballet shoes sewn satin ribbon width of 3.5 cm and a length of 2 m. Fold in half and sew the ribbon to the heel ballet shoes. Sometimes the tape is positioned within pointe under the heel and sew along the sides. This method is good for those who have very narrow feet, which require additional fixation.


Use special inserts tolegs in ballet shoes feel more comfortable. In specialized stores you can buy paper, fabric and silicone earbuds. Elastic and elastic silicone inserts significantly more expensive paper and tissue, but they are the most comfortable and suitable for multiple use.


Insert liners and wear pointe shoes. Tie a ribbon, wrapping several times around the ankle. Do not tighten them too much - it can lead to poor circulation in the leg. The ends of the strips should be filled so that they do not interfere during the dance.

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