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Choose pictures with audio titles w

A small child does not usually think about what he says sounds right or not. Problems usually occur in older preschool or school age.

Above a child who pronounces correctly certain sounds, start laughing peers.

In addition, a person who has phonetic disorders, difficult to learn to write.

May occur and difficulties with foreign language learning.

Sometimes learning to pronounce certain sounds should be on purpose.

These sounds are sizzling, especially sound? G ?.

You will need

  • mirror
  • pencil
  • paper
  • pictures or toys with images of objects, the title of which is the sound? Well?
  • a collection of proverbs and tongue twisters



Learn to relax the tongue. To do this, use the following exercise. Language put on the lower teeth. Imagine that? pancake or cake. Upper teeth gently bite down language. Do this several times. Give a language to lie quietly on the lower teeth and repeat. Do this exercise several times a day, until you learn to do it without stress.


Fold your hands? Cup ?. Try to repeat the position of the language of the hands. It is better if the language at the same time is quiet. If not, try to do? Cup? tongue sticking out in front of a mirror.


By learning to do? Cup? teeth, say in this position sound? s ?. Get? Well ?, but the first is not very correct. Repeat this exercise several times a day until you start to get loose.


Start typing sound? Well? in syllables and short words. First, choose words that begin with the sound? beetle, roaster, hot, hot. You can draw in the center of the leaf beech F, and on each side columns to write vowels. Connect letter? Well? with all the vowels and read the resulting syllables. When you begin to receive the syllables that begin with? G ?, complicate the task. Say the first vowel, then the syllable beginning with? Well? -? Has ?, Ajoux? and so on. Learn to pronounce the sound? Well? in the middle of the word. If you teach a child to pronounce the sound, pick the picture? ? Circle ?,? Meadow ?,? Horn ?.


Look patters based on the sizzling sounds. Say them slowly at first, but clearly, then? faster and faster.

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