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How to put money to the bank account

How to put money to the bank account

Currently, there is a current account not only legal persons, but also for individuals. Account of the plant in the pot, and there are several ways to fill them.

Cash stored on savings books, plastic cards, which are the carriers of information about the owner of the account.

You will need

  • an identity document, a plastic card, savings book, pen, ATM, cash



If you need to fill up the current account in theplastic card, get in your locality ATM that belongs to the bank that you have got the card. Insert your card in the slot, enter the pin code, covering the hand. Click Cash. Write the amount of money for which you want to increase the balance. Confirm an operation to insert money into terminal. Get a receipt as proof of the amount paid, keep it up as long as your account is replenished with cash.


On the plastic card can deposit money throughbranch or central office of the bank in which it is wound up. To do this, you need to go to a bank employee with a request to fund your account. Present an identity document, employee of the bank, account number, card number, say, on how much you want to increase your balance. Give the money to the cashier, who will issue you a receipt. In it you will need to sign.


Account can be replenished as the savings bank, and so onplastic card by connecting the internet banking service. To do this, you need to go to the main website of the bank, which wound up the current account, select this online service. Enter the required data on your mobile phone will receive an SMS with a code that typing in the required field support operator will contact you and tell you how to be identified. Once connected, you can fill up the current account, without leaving home.


Add funds to the plastic cardit is possible by means of the transfer of funds from one card to another. To do this, select an ATM in the transfer menu, entered the card number on which you want to increase the balance after inserting your card and entering a PIN. Send money, confirm the operation and get a check.

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