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How to put money through the payment terminal


Payment terminals - a special software packages that allow you to perform a range of payments, largely saving time.

Such devices can be seen at bus stops, in various organizations and institutions, shops and shopping malls.

The greater the number of terminals on the streets of the city provides easy access to them, and turn, as a rule, are extremely rare.

Which payments can be made

There are several types of paymentterminals. Each of them provides a specific list of partners with whom you can make transactions of funds credited to bank accounts, make utility payments and pay for services such as mobile telephony, internet, purchase and transfers.
In addition, some payment terminalsimply a personal account, with which you can not only pay the bills, but also to store a certain amount of money. Track all operations are possible via the Internet.

How to make payments

The principle of using the payment terminal does notIt is complex. On the user sees several sections the main on-screen menu. This principle provides the convenience of selecting the necessary operations. For example, if you want to add funds to a bank card, you will need to see "Banking", if the pay mobile - "mobile payment". Then from the list you choose the right service provider and enter the appropriate information. The final stage will be making money and sending them to the selected partner.
The system of payment terminals available clarifiesevery step, so if you have all the necessary data, you can quickly pay for almost any service. The main aspect that should be considered - a transfer time. In one account the money received almost instantaneously, and other translations can be carried out within three working days. Clarify that information better in-company owner of the payment terminal or the provider, through which plan to fill. Contact telephone numbers are, as a rule, on the main menu screen or the receipt.

As the terminal sends money

payment terminal system - a GPRS-modem. The data that you enter on-screen menu, processed, recorded and forwarded to the server using the specified organization. After validation of all these details of the terminal owner company transfers the funds to the account you specified.
Note that when a fault occursInternet, incorrect bank details or other errors, funds can not enter the account. In this case, the assistance may come check. By calling the telephone number, you can return the money or to repeat the operation with the corrected data.
In addition, some services are paid through payment terminals with a fixed commission. This information is necessarily reflected on the menu screen data entry.
Not to be confused with the payment terminals ATMs. Terminal - a multifunctional device and the ATM - a device for the transfer of funds to only one organization. As a rule, the ATMs owned by banks and other credit card companies.

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