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How to put money in the purse in WebMoney

How to put money in the purse in WebMoney

Electronic payment systems are one of thetypes of payment systems, with the aid of which the transfer of money across networks or payment chips. To put money on an electronic purse, we must first understand how the mechanism of the payment system.

You can not go too much into detail, but you need to learn how to use them.



First, register the payment system WebMoney. Follow the prompts, you will easily be able to do it. When you register you get a room belonging to the electronic purse you.


Writing the number or memorize it (see,not to be mistaken), go to the nearest self-service terminal QIWI. Under the scheme of "payment for services"? "e-commerce" ? «Webmoney WMR purse replenish the ruble" is an electronic box in which you must enter the number of its currency purse. Then in the window that opens, you must enter a phone number, to which the "attached" purse. Further, "forward" and "input money". Putting cash, you agree to our actions, and a maximum of two hours, you can dispose of the electronic money at its discretion. This path is the most affordable, but also the most expensive. If the amount introduced into the electronic wallet, is essential, and the commission will be expelled "tangible".


There is another way to replenish the electronic purse WebMoney. If you own a credit card or VISAMaster Card, you can recharge without commission your bank account, and then through the authorization Telebank to make a transfer from the card to the account in the Telebank. The scheme is simple: "Accounts and Cards"? "Operations with plastic cards?" "Descent from the s / c Bank". By filling out the form, indicating the amount of presses "Next". After confirmation, the money will be transferred to your virtual account. Now WMtoCash you can place an order for translation money with electronic bills in a wallet. Through the tab "Buy" fall into the "Telebank? WMR ». Fill out an application on the proposed form, check your entries, confirm and click "Submit" button. Next, you will get information about making a payment. Of course, this path is longer by time-consuming, but more reliable and "cheaper".

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