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How to put hinges on the boar

How to put hinges on the boar

In addition to a great time spending and adrenaline in the blood from hunting people still get a lot of fun as well as meat, which taste the whole family enjoys.

Professional hunters know all the intricacies of the case, and they can easily bring pristrelennuyu game, hunted moose, wild boar or any other animal carcass.

Newcomers also need to study the theory.

But not necessarily for it to re-read the mountain of books.



Each novice hunter knows thatYou can hunt a variety of ways, and not necessarily to have a firearm for this. On the hunt you can go with the bow and arrow, a different kind of cold steel, as well as with samolovnymi mechanisms provided for hunting, such as traps and loops. On the latter will be discussed.


Catching cloven-hoofed a loop - this is enoughfascinating view of hunting. After all, you have pretty thoroughly prepare for this case - to know all the habits of the animal, where they corral, properly install the loop and wait.


So, how to put on a loop boars and what you should know: The first way is "down": make a loop with "tormozkom", which does not allow to loosen the loop at the capture of the beast. Post a loop in a place where the beast. When hunting for wild boar loop should be put up in places by fallen trees or under Kolodin. Wait for the beast. Wait until the animal suffocates caught in a loop, and only then come to him.


The second way to "lower hinge": Tie a loop, prepare a tin sheet size of approximately 30 x 30 cm Make the center of the tin plate slots in the form of petals..


Dig a pit. Put on a thin sheet of tin pit. Put the prepared loop on a tin sheet.


It is easy to fix the loop, then the mask leaves the place and wait for the beast. Becoming animal on a sheet of tin will fail in the opening flap and loop fix his leg, and not fall from it.


Make a few shots in the captured animal (wild boar) and remove the carcass from the pit.

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