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How to put the heater


How to put the heater</a>

The heater is installed in the engine compartmentSpace car and connects to the cooling system, has its own gasoline pump and fuel wire. He takes a small amount of fuel from the car, and he also heats the antifreeze and pumps it with pomp.

When the antifreeze reaches a temperature of 40 degrees, the car's fan turns on and the air (warm) enters the interior.



Install the heater so that it is in theHorizontal position (nozzles up). Position the heater at the lowest possible point. Connect the heater to the cooling system, make sure that they are in remote locations.


Connect the heater input to the bottom of the cooling system, and then exit the heater from the top.


Make sure that the inlet to the heater is located above the connection point to the motor. Heater It should not have any kinks at the outlet (air will accumulate in them).


Connect the heater to the nozzles through the tee, in no case draw a sidebar between the radiator and the thermostat, and then the connection will heat up the radiator, not the engine.

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