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How to put the heater

How to put the heater

The heater is installed in the engine compartmentspace vehicle and connected to the cooling system has a fuel pump and the fuel is carried. He picks up a small amount of fuel from the vehicle, as well as heats the antifreeze and pumping his pomp.

When the anti-freeze temperature reaches 40 degrees, the vehicle fan is switched on and the air (warm) enters the salon.



Install the heater so that it was inhorizontal position (pipes up). Place the heater at the lowest possible point. Connect the heater to the cooling system, make sure that they were in far-flung places.


Connect the heater to the lowest point of the input of the cooling system and then exit from the heater to the top.


Make sure that the entrance to the heater is positioned above the point of attachment to the engine. Heater must not have any kinks at the output (which will accumulate in the air).


Attach the heater to the pipe through a tee, under no circumstances do not make a frame between the radiator and thermostat, and then the compound is heated radiator, not the engine.

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