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How to put the codec

How to put the codec

A variety of codecs are mainly used for stable and regular computer work.

Each codec is responsible for performing a particular function on the basis of this, the presence of codecs on the PC today is necessary.

You will need

  • Computer required codec.



In general, it should be noted that codecs generally designed to work with mediafiles and applications installed on the computer. Typically, a set of required codecs are bundled with a computer purchased. Often, however, the user has to look for the right codecs "On the side". Let's talk about where you can get the necessary codec and how to install it on your computer.


codec search on the Internet and install it on your PC. To find the right codec for you, you must enter its name in the search bar of any search engine. Download similar software is recommended from the official website of its developer, because download codecs from third-party resources can harm your computer. After you download the required codec, you need to run its installation using the downloaded installer label. By installing the software on your computer, you will need to reboot the system before it starts.


Installing codec profile disc. If you wish to install the codec from the disc that was included with the computer, you need to proceed as follows. Insert the disc into your computer, and then, wait for it to start the system. Once the disc is loaded, using the appropriate menu, find the section in charge of the installation of codecs dialog. Run the installation of your desired software, and then restart the system. Once the computer is restarted, the codec will be active.

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