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How to put the carburetor


The process of replacing the carburetor is quite long, but not complex.</a>

The car should work stably. In order to provide this, the owner must understand what processes occur in his favorite machine, and be able to eliminate even small problems.

If your car does not start or stops, then most likely you have problems with the carburetor. Try to change it.

In fact, it is not as difficult as it seems.

Read these recommendations and get down to business.

You will need

  • In order to change the carburetor you will need a new carburetor, a few keys to the? 8? And? 13 ?, household gloves.



First, loosen the clamp and disconnect the corrugation (this is the air intake hose from the thermostat connection).


The key to? 8? Unscrew the nuts that attach the air filter to the carburetor itself and remove the plate.


Ослабьте a collar, remove a hose of ventilation картера from a branch pipe.


Remove the body from the air filter.


Take the key to? 8? And loosen the bolt tightening the cover of the air damper cable.


Then loosen the cable fixing screw and remove the cable.


Remove the gas outlet hose from the connection, disconnect the tips of the two wires from the microswitch output of the control EPHC system.


Tighten with a screwdriver and remove the thrust from the throttle control lever.


Remove the solenoid valve hose from the economizer connection.


Ослабьте a collar and remove a hose of giving of fuel.


Take the key to? 13 ?, unscrew the 4 nuts and remove the carburetor. The old carburetor is removed.


Install the new carburetor in the reverse order.

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