How to put the car on the register

How to put the car on the register</a>

After buying a car you must put it on the account in the traffic police.

With the independent passage of this procedure, it took at least one day, but there is hope for its acceleration after it was simplified from the beginning of April 2011.

It is better to start the process with a visit to the official site of the traffic police of your region, and do this before buying a car.

You will need

  • - passport-
  • - technical passport for car-
  • - documents proving that you are the rightful owner-
  • - money to pay state duty-
  • - The policy of OSAGO-
  • - car for presentation.



On the website of the regional traffic police department you can not only find out which MRE should be contacted, but also download a registration application form The car And receipts for payment of required state duties. There is also current information about the size of each of them.
Depending on the situation you have to payIssuance of registration certificate and license plates (for the car in 2011 - 1,5 thousand rubles), if necessary - making changes to the previously issued technical passport.
You can pay the state fee through the Savings Bank.


On the website of the regional traffic police department you canAlso make an appointment at the desired MREO for a convenient time if it is still free. Another way to do this is to call MREO by phone, which can also be found on the website of the regional office.


After acquisition The car Issue the policy of OSAGO. If you make a purchase in the showroom, do it to you directly on the spot. You can also choose the most suitable insurance company yourself and contact there.


Collect the package of documents. The traffic police will want to see a technical passport for the car and confirmation that its legal owner is you. Depending on how you purchased the car, it could be documents from the car dealership (account-certificate, a copy of the license of the institution, etc.), a contract of sale or gift or some other legitimate and duly executed document.
You will also need your passport. If you register someone else's car by proxy, you will need to show it.
Do not forget the transit numbers if you received them.


Obligatory component of the procedure - inspectionYour purchase. As a rule, it is produced on the same day on the MREO site. In some cases, you can pass it before, and the inspector at the reception to provide an appropriate act.
If everything is in order, you become a happy owner of state license plates and you can use the machine without hindrance.

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