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How to put the car on the account


After purchasing the car, every car owner happy faces on the reverse side of the joyous event - the need to put the car on the account.

This procedure is not very complicated, however, for its implementation need time and patience, as well as a set of certain documents.

& Nbsp-In order to draw up the documents for the car, you must have with them such papers as:

1. & nbsp- & nbsp- & nbsp- identity document, normally a passport.

2. & nbsp- & nbsp- & nbsp- passport at the car.

3. & nbsp- & nbsp- & nbsp- documents attesting to registration of the sale, or a document from the passenger compartment, in which the car was purchased.

In order to put the car on the account,must submit all of the documents to the appropriate department of the traffic police. Since the institution most often you can see a very large queue, you need to drive up there as soon as possible. In some cases, you can make an appointment in order to avoid long waiting in queues.

Since the process of registration is related to the renewal of the document, you must have all the documents with him and receipt fees - without it put the car can not be registered.

During performances of the car registration,you need to remember about the fact that it is obligatory to check the vehicle at the site. To do this, the vehicle must be prepared in advance: all the markings and numbers inside the vehicle must be clearly visible, as it is their traffic police will check with the TCP.

Once the documents are drawn up, you will be able toget the numbers, as well as a certificate of registration. After that, you need to carefully compare the data in the new document, because there are not allowed any inaccuracies or typographical errors. After the completion of paperwork, numbers must be attached to the car.

& nbsp-

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