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How to put the car in the traffic police for registration

How to put the car in the traffic police for registration

After buying the car must be within a month to put on record the traffic police to obtain the state license plates, registration certificate and the mark of the TCP.

Consider the order of motorist actions in the formulation of the car registration.



vehicle registration shouldto make the traffic police department at the place of permanent residence. Traffic Police Office in some regions of Russia are taking the car owners by appointment only, so it is useful to call and find out if there is such a practice in your department. This will help without unnecessary queues to put the car on accounting.


Turning to the traffic police for registration of the vehicle,must have the following documents: national passport with mark about permanent residence registration, vehicle registration document (TCP), an insurance policy CTP, transit license plates (if issued), the receipt of payment of state fees (value and quantity required to pay fees get to know on the spot).


Procedure in the traffic police department willas follows: payment of state duties, filling the application for registration of the vehicle, giving the car on inspection (made reconciliation VIN number and the engine on the car and TCP), submission of documents for registration, obtaining documents and license plates.

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