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How to lay the cable in the ground


How to lay the cable in the ground</a>

A special place in the arrangement of the suburban area orA country house occupies the laying of electrical communications. To properly lay the cable in the ground, you need to know the features of your site, strictly adhere to the rules and safety standards.

The laying of cable communications is not as simple as it might seem to a person who is not privy to the details.



First of all, it is necessary to plan a route forCable laying. It should not be located near trees. It is highly undesirable to allow the cable to cross with other underground electrical networks. Avoid also crossing the sites, where the load on the ground is usually increased.


Proceed to the trench digging. The depth of it should not be less than 70 cm. Remove the trenched trench from objects that can damage the cable sheath. Remove stones, glass, metal objects.


Prepare a sand cushion. The simplest quarry sand will do. Sand should fill the bottom of the trench to a height of at least 10 cm.


Prepare cable. Carefully check the integrity of its outer shell. If damaged, repair or replace cable. The insulation test is carried out by an ordinary tester with an ohmmeter. Make sure that there is no shorting of the wires between the cables.


Before laying, put on cable Pipes (cases), which will become a protection against possible damage. This is usually required at the intersection with tracks, at the entrance of cars, etc.


Start laying the cable in the trench. When laying, be sure to provide slack, cable Should not be taut. It will be better if cable Will be laid with twists, wavy.


Make a plan for the passage of your underground communications by tying the distances to the cable from fixed objects, structural elements of buildings and outbuildings.


Now cable Should be covered with sand (a layer of about 10 cm),Then add a layer of soil 15 cm thick. Tumble the ground with your feet. Then lay the signal tape, it must be above the cable all the way along the route. Fill the trench completely, making a small hill in case of subsidence.


Finally, check the insulation resistanceRouted cable. If closures are detected, all work will have to be re-done. If the tester shows that everything is in order, you can proceed with the installation of the electrical circuit.

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