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How to put spikes on rubber


How to put spikes on rubber</a>

If you feel sorry to part with your iron horse for the time of sleet and snow, the solution is simple - put the thorns on your summer tires.

Of course, you need to take the tires old, which will not be a pity to puncture. You can not pull the thorns out of them. Although if you pull out, the tires will be no longer suitable.

The role of thorns themselves will be performed in advancePurchased self-tapping screws. You need 500 pieces (or more, take it with a stock), and in size they should be the shortest that you find. To spikes were not very sharp, grind them a little emery.

Screws you will screw with a screwdriver, butFirst you need to determine where to screw them. To do this, take an awl and punch holes in the tire from the outside to the inside. For a good rolling on the middle of the tire studs it is better not to put, but then it will be more difficult to brake and accelerate. Spin completely if you plan to ride exclusively on compacted snow. On the edges it is better to put spikes through 1, and on the contact spot there should be 3-4 screws.

Then unscrew the tire, it will show traces ofSewed, take a screwdriver and twist it by a screw in each of them. The main thing is that they get out perpendicular to the tire itself. Pre-drilled holes can be lubricated with engine oil to make spikes twist easier.

In order not to damage the camera, without turning out the rubber, glue it with several layers of plaster. After this, carefully unscrew the tire studs outwards. Winter tires are ready. & Nbsp-

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