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How to put emoticons in the status VKontakte

Add the status VKontakte emoticons

Emoticons in the social network "VKontakte" became one of the most anticipated updates that users want.

There is an opportunity not only to use them in reports, but also to put emoticons in the status of "VKontakte".



See a list of available emoticons"VKontakte", by clicking on the icon with the smiling face next to the button to send messages to other users, or on a wall. This list is updated periodically. Select your favorite and remember your smiles.


Use one of the many resourceswith smiles, to put them to the status of "VKontakte". Each of the mini-image has its own code, which you can learn from the presented list on the website. Copy and paste it into your status "VKontakte". Besides, this way you can add emoticons to messages on your wall, use them in the names of groups, etc.


Find a group on the social network, which alsoincludes codes of different emoticons for use in statuses and messages. In this case, you do not have to go to foreign resources with annoying ads. In addition, frequently check the latest updates, "VKontakte" in the public servers of developers to keep abreast of new opportunities to use emoticons in a social network.

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