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How to put the water meter registration

How to put the water meter registration

Everyone wants to save their money and not spend it on something that could have been avoided. One such situation - payment for water consumption.

Many tenants pay above average amount on a monthly basis, although most likely not use as much water.

Therefore, beneficial and proper solution to this problem is water meters.



So, to the testimony water meters were removedlegally, you need to put the water meter register with the special organization. This procedure consists of several stages. To begin to apply for the installation of the meter in the management company (DES) or another company that has a license to conduct such operations. A few days after the filing of the application comes to you an expert who will assess the condition of the water supply system and determine the necessary complete set of equipment for the installation of the meter.


Next, perform the acquisition of the meter itself. Carefully inspect the fit of the model, which will prompt you to a specialist. Do not buy a computer without permission. You can also instruct the selection and purchase of appropriate equipment for your home by Masters, which will deal with the subsequent installation. However, remember that you have every right to implement it yourself. Therefore, if the installation wizard insist on their help, consider who benefits from it.


After the purchase of the equipment check withinstallation company, when setting the meter will occur. Experts have come to you with the prepared package of documents that you will need to put a counter on record, and will hold the installation of the counter for a few hours.


After that, the management organization in SightDES, or the act of admission to the operation of the device taking into account water consumption. Then imagine all the documents that you handed specialists, installation companies, EIRTS (Unified Information and Settlement Center) in your area. You sign a contract for the supply of hot and cold water, as well as to pay for the consumption of water by meter readings.

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