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How to put on record a scooter

How to put on record a scooter

In large cities and metropolitan areas an excellent alternative to the car is a scooter. Due to its small size and maneuverability, it is easy to control on the narrow city streets.

This is especially noticeable during the morning or evening traffic jams, when he easily slips past the cars and selected cork fastest.



The price of this vehicle is available forgeneral population. Therefore, for many drivers, he became a great replacement car full. Besides, due to minimal fuel consumption, Chinese scooter is highly economical vehicle.

More recently, the legislative bodies wasintroduced compulsory registration of scooters in the territory of Russia, which put some owners of these vehicles in a very difficult position.


To put on record a scooter without documents,to start, contact the regional office of the Federal Customs Service of Russia. There you will spend the customs clearance of your vehicle. To do this, probably you have to spend almost the full cost of your scooter. Upon receipt of the customs declaration, proceed to the design of passports to the vehicle, which also can be issued by the customs.


It will contain all the characteristics of yourscooter: release date, engine size, mileage, weight, size and more. After receiving this document, please contact your local traffic management in your area where you need to write an application for registration with the scooter. Within a few weeks the public authority to take decisions and will give you a certificate that the vehicle is put on record.


It is advisable to buy a scooter since documentsthen you will be able to avoid long time of their registration procedure. When buying a scooter store should provide you with a vehicle passport, without which it will not be possible either to put the scooter on the account, or to sell it, if he will get bored after a while.


Since the two-wheeled scooter is a viewtransport, by controlling them, pay special attention to their own safety and the safety of their passengers. Wear protective helmet, which significantly increase your chances of survival in an accident. Ride on the right side of the road, so as not to interfere with a faster mode of transport. So you do not create emergency situations.

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