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Not everyone is on the move will deal with how this thing to put a cat

You've probably heard the word? Harness ?. If you had, then you know what this thing.

If not, explain: harness called interlacing straps, fulfilling the role of a collar for a pet, wear on the body and pulls the neck.

Looking at the subject for the first time, we can long wrestle with how to put it on your cat, or, say, a domesticated ferret.

Domestic ferrets are rare, but how to put on a harness on the cat, we will now consider.



The most common harness-eight isclosed ring, which smoothly into the strap. The dimensions of a closed ring, which falls on the cat's neck, may vary. By wearing a harness and then fastened by means of carabiner leash.


So, we put on a closed ring on the cat's neck. Expand the jumper that connects the strap and closed ring so that it is located at the throat.


Expanding the space between the ring and closedbridge, moving the strap to the desired position. Next, put your right foot in the space between cats closed ring and strap. So we get that bridge will lie the cat on his chest, and the right foot of the animal is covered by the harness.


Now, take the free end of the strap andWe get it in the armpit of the second (left) foot. Fastens the strap. Put the cat on his paws, recovering around the neck of the animal closed ring so that it clung tightly cat's throat, but not crushed. Then the cat out of the closed rings can neither be turned out or break strength. Once again we see that the bridge lying flat on his chest, and his right foot is well fixed.


Now, to tighten the strap. Do not worry, you do not make the cat sick. If you leave while tightening the strap a little slack, the cat can easily wriggle out of the harness. Adjust the tension of the strap is fastened to the harness and carabiner can go to walk our pet.

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