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How to put music to the status Vkontakte

How to put music to the status Vkontakte

Statuses that users of social networkspost on their personal pages, often convey mood, thought. They are people investing emotions, feelings, sharing his impressions and experiences and often accompanies his statements a good lyric (or not) melody.

Music in the status can be put in most social networks.

And popular site VKontakte - is no exception.

Personal page - a way for all changes

No matter how you conceived to diversify your profilein the social network VKontakte, where the "hang" the hundreds of thousands of users of all ages, you can apply all the changes only once on a personal page. To access your account, you need to on the main page in the appropriate fields username lead, which you specified during registration and password. The role typically performs the login e-mail address specified during the creation of the page procedure. Password - a unique code number, ensuring the safety of your personal data on the site. From time to time it is recommended to change.
Then you need to click "Login. Also you can save the link to your personal home page VKontakte in your browser bookmarks. In this case, you should simply click on the appropriate labels. But this method can only be used if the computer has access to the same person. Otherwise, the other PC users can turn on your page.

The song in the status - it's great

In the main window of your page to the right of personalPhotos - avatars, the name and surname there is a link "Change status". Click on it and type in a special box, what do you think at the moment. But that's not all: you also want to diversify their status melody. And here you will need to put a tick next to "Broadcast to the status of playing music." Then click "Save".
To play a song on your page in the status,on the wall in the section "What's new" add an audio recording you want to listen to. To do this, click on the box with this inscription, and then click "Attach", then in the drop-down box, you will need from your list of ringtones published on the page, select a song and click "Add song". After that there will be only "send" it to the wall. Then, in the pop-up window that appears when you hover over the melody, select one of the options "play the player" or "Play page." Choosing the second option, you will automatically send a song in status. Melody will appear under your name and surname. By the way, about the change of status, you can tell your friends to do this, use a special option VKontakte, which becomes available when you hover the mouse pointer over the published music file.
Add music to the status can be another way. To do this, go to your tunes and play the song you want to set as status. Find the right speaker icon and select the drop-down box, where you want to broadcast the selected melody. To add songs to the status of just put a tick next to "my page".

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