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How to put money on steam

How to put money on steam

Steam is a popular gaming service, which is used around the world.

When Steam can be used to purchase a variety of games and fashion applications, as well as to expand their gaming experience.

For the operation refill provides several options.

Payment site Steam

Replenish Steam account can be like in advance, and inthe process of buying the game or add-ons. These methods of replenishment are characterized in that the preliminary work of payment you can choose only a fixed amount on the website. If you deposit funds with the purchase of the game, from your bank account or accounts in the payment system, only the current value will be deducted.

Choose payment method

To pre-recharge gothe official Steam site. Enter your account information by clicking on the "Login" in the upper right corner of the screen. You can also use the link "Log In" on the right of the main page menu. The left mouse button click on "Add sheet" to make a top-up to the selected amount.
Wait until the download is complete with a selection of pagepayment method. Select your region and click on the most convenient way to pay. You can choose to top-up using a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB), as well as through the system of electronic payments (eg, Webmoney, Paypal, «Yandex").
When funding the account at the time of purchase of the gamePayment procedure is no different from what is offered on the site. After clicking the "Buy" button, you will be asked to fill up the balance, as well as in front of you will see the ways in which you can make payment. Choose the most convenient method for payment and enter your details that will be required to verify your identity.

Execution of payment

Enter your username and password from the payment system orenter your card details in the appropriate fields on the page. After confirming the previously mentioned amount will be credited and will appear in the application Steam or in your account on the site. The paid amount will be available for purchase.
When choosing a system of payment please note that some banks and electronic systems charge a fee for using the service, which can cause increase the amount of write-offs.
To fund your account, you can use the serviceQIWI. The option of replenishment balance of the game is available as a terminal network and in your personal account on the official website of the company. To replenish the balance on the official Steam site of payment system or payment terminal menu, you will need to enter your player ID and the amount you want to transfer.

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