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How to put money into an account with a mobile electronic wallet

How to put money into an account with a mobile electronic wallet

Even in the recent past are the days when the first payment terminals appeared. It seems that there is nothing more convenient.

After all the money on the phone can be put in any time of the day on the way to the store to work.

Some time passed and now even from home do not need to go - to update your account on your phone, you can use the Internet.



The easiest way to pay the mobile operator services - the use of an electronic purse. This can be WebMoney, QIWI Wallet, poison, etc.

For example, you have a WebMoney purse andhim some money. In order to put the money on your cell phone, open the WebMoney Keeper program log. Now, in the "Menu", select "With WebMoney you can", the "Pay Services" - "Mobile Communications".


In the window «WebMoney - Payments" selecttheir mobile operator. If you pay by mobile phone to a friend and such information do not own, just type in the upper window of a phone number (without the 8-ki, of course). The program will redirect you to the correct operator.
Next, enter the amount on which want to fillaccount number of a purse from which this amount will be charged. After the simple confirmation of the correctness of the data entry, the money will go to the phone. Payment is carried out without any commission.


In the case where the electronic money is not present, notdespair. If there is a bank plastic card and a connection to internet banking (online bank card holder you are), then the payment for mobile internet services of the operator and will not be difficult.
For example, your salary card opened in the Savings Bank. In order to access the system "Sberbank Online" need to do only two steps:

• connect to the service "Mobile Banking" -

• get a bank login and password for a permanententer the private office. It's enough to go to the ATM, insert the card, PIN and specify the menu select "Internet Services" (the name in various ATMs may be different, but the meaning is the same).


Having a user ID and a permanentpassword, as well as 20 one-time password (for confirmation of individual transactions), you can enter your personal cabinet Sberbank Online. By selecting the tab "Operations" make a correct payment.


If you save the operation in the pattern, you can make repeated payments instantly, without entering a single password.

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