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How to lay a laminate on a wooden floor


How to lay a laminate on a wooden floor</a>

As a base for a laminate is more often used concrete screed, but sometimes there is a situation where it is necessary to cover the old wooden floor with new flooring.

To dismantle the rail and pour concrete is expensive and time-consuming, the laminate is laid directly on the boards.

Substrate preparation

The substrate for the laminate should be dry, smooth,Stable, so you need to check the condition of the floor and eliminate the shortcomings. To strengthen the loosened floorboards, so that they do not bend, replace the decayed boards, level the floor with an electric gun or by means of cycleing, putty the slots. After finishing the cycle, sawdust and dust must be carefully vacuumed.

You can align the floor and using sheets of particle board orThick plywood. For the prevention of fungal incubation, the material is treated with linseed oil or fungicidal preparations. Particleboard or plywood is cut to size and laid on the rough floor, laying under the sheets, if necessary, slats.

Substrate under the laminate

On top of the base spread waterproofing (polyethylene film), the next layer is laid a substrate, the material for it can be:

- foam polyethylene-

- natural cork-

- bituminous cloth with impregnations of cork grains-

- polyurethane foam.

The substrates are produced in rolls and sheet. Lay the material in the joint, so that it does not move, the seams are fixed with adhesive tape.

Laminate laying

On the prepared base lay the laminate is notWill be labor. Lay it perpendicularly or at a certain angle to the wall, it must be taken into account that the lighting should fall parallel to the seams. Near the walls leave gaps of 2-3 cm. It is important to lay the first row exactly, without distortions, the further process is to correctly connect and secure the lamella locks. After the completion of the assembly of the flooring, the gaps near the walls are covered with a plinth.

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