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How to put laminate wood floor

How to lay laminate wood floor

As the base for laminate often used concrete screed, but sometimes there is a situation when you have to cover the old wooden floor new flooring.

Remove rack and pour concrete is expensive and time consuming, laminate flooring is laid directly on the board.

Substrate Preparation

Base under the laminate must be dry, smooth,stable, so it is necessary to check the condition of the floor and eliminate the disadvantages. Strengthen shaky floorboards so that they did not cave in, replace rotting boards, align the floor electroplane or via tsiklevaniya, putty cracks. Finished scrape, dust and dust need to be carefully removed with a vacuum cleaner.

It is possible to equalize the floor and using sheets of chipboard ora thick plywood. To prevent fungus porozhenie material is treated with linseed oil or fungicidal agents. Chipboard or plywood cut to size and laid on the subfloor, for enclosing the sheets, if necessary, the slats.

Substrate coatings under the laminate

On top of the base is spread waterproofing (plastic film), the next layer is laid podlozhkku for her material may be:

- penopolietilen-

- Natural probka-

- Bitumen canvas with splashes of cork zeren-

- Polyurethane.

Available in rolls of substrate and sheet. Stack the material in the joint so that it is not moved, the joints are fixed with adhesive tape.

Laying laminate

On the prepared surface to lay laminate is notdifficult. Stack it perpendicular or at a certain angle with respect to the wall, it is necessary to take into account that the lighting should fall parallel seams. Near the wall, leave gaps of 2-3 cm. It is important to lay flat, without distortions, the first row, the further process is correctly connected and fixing locks Lamela. After the floor assembly, the gaps in the walls closed plinth.

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