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How to read the children

How to put it

put it

Voice? an important element in human evaluation. If we like a man says, we will be pleased to communicate with him, and we will be happy to listen to him.

Beautiful and competent speech? recipe for success.

You will need

  • Book, nuts



The first and most important rule is to read. Read aloud for 10 minutes a day. This will help you to deal with oppression and acquire the necessary skills. Thereby you will teach yourself to say out loud, but it is not just a conversation speechYu. The best thing in such cases to use fiction, rich expressive means of language. Remember that the most fastidious audience? these are kids. If the children you listen carefully, you do not worry about anything, but, nevertheless, improve your skills constantly.


It is best to choose the person himself, his voice and mannerspeech which you like. Choose from leading radio or television. Begin to imitate him. Record your voice and the voice of the lead in the film, then compare the results. Pay special attention to the pronunciation of consonants. You will see the flaws that you need to be corrected in order to achieve success.


Pronounce the tongue twisters. First, start with a simple, but is gradually moving on to more complex. Then, in order to achieve greater effect, try speaking with his mouth full of nuts, like the heroine of the film? Carnival ?. Also during the conversation did not clench my teeth. Such a position of the teeth does not allow you to pronounce words clearly, which can lead to misunderstanding surrounding.

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