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How to put grub

How to put grub

When installing multiple systems on a computer problem management the hard disk boot sector.

For example, if the computer was firstinstalled Linux operating system, and only then was raised to Windows, Microsoft's operating system will erase the GRUB boot loader and the computer starts up it will be impossible to choose a system, and the default will boot Windows.

You will need

  • - Any Linux LiveCD.



To restore the Grub bootloader need LiveCD boot disk or from Linux. It is best suited disk with Ubuntu, which is a "living" and the installation disc at a time.


Boot from the LiveCD. After the download is complete, run the terminal ( «Menu» - «Applications» - «Default apps» - «Terminal») and enter the following command:
sudo grub.
Sudo allows to obtain superuser rightsfor this command, and grub request starts a command interpreter. So you find yourself in a shell loader and you are prompted - grub & gt-.


Next, enter the following command:
find / boot / grub / stage1.
This query returns the value of the place where theloader (eg, hd0,1 or hd0,6). In the boot sector MBR is only a small information about grub-e, and with the find you will find all the necessary installation files.


Enter the number of the section obtained in the following query:
root (hdZnachenie, value).


Then install the files to a bootable hard disk partition:
setup (hd0).
This request sets the boot loader on the hard drive, and as the second parameter is missing, the installation is performed directly on the MBR.


Then exit the shell grub:


There is a second way to solve the problem. Boot from Live CD and mount your hard drive in the most convenient location. For example:
mount / dev / hda / media / hard.


After that, make a request through the terminal:
sudo grub-install / dev / hda -recheck -root-directory = / media / hard.
Recheck option is used to validate the installed file /boot/grub/device.map, and in case of an error corrects his team.


Remove the LiveCD, restart your computer, and you can boot back into your installed system.

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