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How to put dance

How to put dance

Dance delights and attracts the views and thoughts of the people since ancient times? and now the dance is one of the favorite hobbies of many women and men.

Setting your own dance? an exciting and challenging task that requires certain skills and choreographic experience.

When it comes to setting groupdance number? your task is further complicated, so in this article we look at some of the rules that will simplify the process of dance performances and tell you what to do if you get up in the path of choreographer for the first time.



Any dance? it is, above all, the transfer of emotions, feelings and a special atmosphere to the viewer. Think about what the purpose of your new dance, and what feelings he will call.


Pick music that bestIt reflects your mood and purpose. Listen to it several times? even if the first time you exactly how to not understand the dance begin, do not worry? you can start coming up with the statement from the middle or even the end.


As soon as your mind comes an interesting movement or ligament? secure it to the desired musical moment, and then you collect all the cords together, connecting them into the overall fabric of the dance.


If you put a group dance, then inventinga few ligaments, just try to learn them along with his dance group, people began to remember the movements and transitions between them. Most often, the construction of the dance goes on eight bills? follow this rhythm in the process of building movements.


Working on the dance, remember that dance, as well asany other work of art, should contain three aspects? entry, mid-point and the ending of. The dance must necessarily be the culmination, marked by more emotional chords, complicated movements and more intense music.


Do not forget also that the image of the always dancecomplemented by a dancer, and thus suit a dancer or group of dancers must comply with the general mood and the idea of ​​your productions. Go seriously sketch the costumes. They should be comfortable to dance and movement, and at the same time beautiful and appropriate idea.

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