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How to Dance


How to Dance</a>

Does the dance admire and attract the views and thoughts of people from ancient times? And to date dance is one of the favorite hobbies of so many girls and men.

Making your own dance? An exciting and challenging occupation that requires certain skills and choreographic experience.

If we are talking about setting up a groupDance number? Your task becomes even more complicated, and therefore in this article we will consider several rules that will simplify the process of setting up a dance and tell you how to proceed if you take the path of a choreographer for the first time.



Any dance? It is, above all, the transmission of emotions, feelings and a special atmosphere to the viewer. Think about what purpose pursues your new dance, and what feelings it will cause.


Choose the music that is bestReflects your intention and mood. Listen to it several times? Even if the first time you do not understand exactly how to start a dance, do not worry? You can start to come up with a statement from the middle, or even from the end.


As soon as an interesting movement or a bunch comes to mind? Fix it on the right musical moment, and afterwards you will gather all the bundles together, combining them into the common outline of the dance.


If you are staging a group dance, then inventingSeveral ligaments, try to immediately learn them together with your dance group, so that people begin to remember the movements and transitions between them. Most often the construction of dance goes to eight accounts? Follow this rhythm in the process of constructing movements.


While working on the dance, remember that the dance, likeAny other work of art, should contain three aspects? Entry, the midpoint of development and the ending. There must be a culmination in the dance, marked by more emotional ties, complicated movements and more saturated music.


Do not forget also that the image of the dance is alwaysIs complemented by a dancer, which means that the costume of a dancer or a group of dancers must match the general mood and idea of ​​your production. Come seriously to developing a sketch of costumes. They should be comfortable for dance and movement, and at the same time beautiful and appropriate to the idea.

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