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How to put the other engine

How to put the other engine

Many car owners are faced with the need to replace any parts.

Typically, this can cope with each.

And in order to put the other engine need some knowledge not only mechanics but also the stages of the work.



Remove attachments, then the receiver, the ramp and the exhaust manifold. Place engine on family attachment, connect with PPC (possiblyIt needs to be replaced as a starter it has some differences, and should advance to replace a number of transfers and WTP). Because of the difference in the size of the clutch housing there will be problems with its installation. To do this, replace the flywheel and clutch set. Or take the flywheel and the new crown turner that it pierced the crown and a news that at the same time facilitate the detail.


Buy old-fashioned rail with the return toto avoid problems with the change of the fuel pump and the gasket of the new fuel line. When installing the receiver, do not secure it, and slip the first ramp with injectors, insert them into the wells and screw the ramp, and then put the receiver back on and tighten it.


Replace attachments andEngage wiring. You can leave home ignition coil, replace only the high-voltage wires. GROW wiring to injector control and phase detector about 40 cm. Bring the wires on the oil pressure sensors.


Replace the exhaust collector with a catalyst and adjust the cooling system.


Install the generator bracket native, beltjust leave the old. Make firmware and calibration of the injectors in the service station. The decorative engine cover also can be left slightly cutting the front.


Depending on the engine type of the necessary changes and improvements can be either larger or smaller. The main thing that spent time and money brought the desired result.

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