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How to put a turbine on a vase


How to put a turbine on a vase</a>

Fans of sporty driving style, when purchasing a car, in the first place, are usually puzzled by the decision of the question connected with the possibility of installing a turbine on the engine of their car.

Equipping the motor with additional equipment is aimed at increasing the engine power.

You will need

  • - turbine - 1 set,
  • - A set of metalwork tools.



There are a lot of options for tuning the motor. In connection with what we propose to study the issue of boosting the engine by the example of installing a low-pressure turbine on an injector motor of the lineup VAZ.


This tuning allows installation of the specifiedEquipment, leaving without changes: the block of cylinders, the crank-шатунный and газораспределительные mechanisms. But the cylinder head must be replaced. In this case, a cylinder head with increased combustion chambers is required. This is due to the fact that the turbocharged engine has a reduced compression ratio in the working cylinder compared to the conventional motor.


During the installation of the turbine on the engineChanges are made to the exhaust system. All the necessary details for such a modernization should be included in the package. In those cases when the manufacturer has taken care of the ease of tuning, the procedure for reworking is much easier.


The most expensive part of tuning the engine is a low pressure turbine, the choice of which depends entirely on the planned budget for these purposes. On the engines of family cars VAZ The turbine is mounted between the intake pipe and the exhaust manifold, above the right front wheel drive. Two air lines are connected to it: one is connected to an air filter, the other is connected to a receiver.

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