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How to put a turbine on vases

How to put a turbine on vases

Fans of sporty handling, purchasing a car in the first place, as a rule, puzzled-related issues with the installation of the turbine engine of his car.

Equipment Motor additional equipment is intended to enhance the capacity of the engine.

You will need

  • - Turbine - 1 set,
  • - A set of bench tools.



Variants of the engine tuning, there are many. Because with offering to consider speeding up the motor in the example on Injection engine lineup install low-pressure turbine WHA.


This tuning allows the installation of the saidequipment, leaving unchanged: the engine block, crank and gas distributing mechanisms. But the cylinder head will need to be replaced. In this case, the cylinder head is required with larger combustion chambers. This is due to the fact that the turbo engine compared to the conventional engine compression ratio is lowered in the working cylinder.


During installation on the turbine enginechanges exposed the exhaust system. All necessary parts for such modernization should be included in the package. In cases where the manufacturer took care of facilitating the tuning, the rework procedure is facilitated considerably.


The most expensive item is the engine tuning - the low-pressure turbine, the choice of which depends entirely on the planned budget for this purpose. At the family car engines WHA turbine is mounted between the receiving pipe and the exhaust manifold, drive over the right front wheel. It provides the two air duct, one connected to the air filter, the other - with the receiver.

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