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How to put on the tachometer VAZ 2105

How to put on the tachometer VAZ 2105

On the dashboard of a car VAZ 2105 is no tachometer, for many motorists creates some inconvenience in operation.

Therefore, some drivers "five are trying to make changes in the design, setting a tachometer.



Determine the location of the device. Standard panel does not provide space for the tachometer. It is possible to build on the dashboard 2107 or render the tachometer & nbsp- as a separate unit. In the second case, you need housing for securing the device to install it on the front panel or on the windshield. Such housing can be purchased at the store or do it yourself from scrap materials.


Connect the tachometer. The basis take the device from the car VAZ 2106. He has a connection socket. Posting "five does not provide the same connector, so cut the terminal contact, leaving only the conductors. You also have to build up the wires in order to lend them to the ignition coil. Connect the wires of the device as follows: brown to plus ignition coils, wire orange cling onto coil terminal which is marked "B +, black and white wire is attached to the car body.


Install electronic tachometer. This tachometer can be put on any place in the car. This is one advantage over the conventional device. It has three wires, which run on coil weight of the coil terminal. The instrument is marked conductors.


& Nbsp-Put a dash of 2107. This step is a more exotic way when installing a tachometer. Remove the dashboard "five, removing the side screws. Disconnect all of the chips. Next, remove the nuts that secure the dashboard to the car body. They are located on the rear wall panel. Then, remove the screws that secure the bottom panel. Remove the oven control knob, ashtray. The new panel is installed in a similar manner. Putting the dashboard 2107, you can connect the dashboard of the car, which is equipped with a built-in tachometer.

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