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How to put a strip foundation

Strip foundation

The foundation for any home is the foundation.

Strip foundation - the hottest in private construction.

It belongs to the solid foundation, to build such a force to any owner of a construction site.



The depth of the strip foundation is necessary to define atsoil type. It is important to know homogeneous soil at the site or not. In areas with a non-uniform soil, there is a risk of fracture of the house. That is, the location of the base depth should be significantly deeper to 90-120 cm. Strip foundation with an expanded base suitable for such a location. This helps reduce the load on the ground.


Where to begin construction of the foundation? Initially follow its layout on the site. Prepare fitting, thick twine. Beat the bars along the perimeter, stretch the line. From inside the perimeter of the resulting re-tighten the line. No enclosure of the future will be a trench for the foundation.


Dig a trench of certain depth, taking into accountsoil composition. At the bottom of it spread gravel 15-20 cm in height. Zatrambuyte it with watered. Thus, the prepared cushion for the future of the tape base.


Next, set the formwork. It can be made out of boards and nails. Boards set, prepared fasten planks with nails and a hammer. For ease of dismantling and later nonresponse flaws in the foundations, connection is performed on the inside.


In the prepared formwork need to put reinforcement. It will give rigidity. Pre rebar tie wire knitting or use welding. Tying is considered the best choice, because in the case of earthquake ground motion or welding reduces the physical quality of the design.


Lay the valve so that it has a space from the surface of 5-8 cm. The length of each cell of the valves 30-35 cm.


Before you start casting tapefoundation, determine where the communication will take place. Align the asbestos-cement pipe for ventilation and plumbing. Their pre-fill with sand, so that the solution did not score the inside.


Finishing work, grouting. Be sure to think through the issue of waterproofing. It is necessary to prevent fungus. You can use a roofing material, or use the new material. Penetron, additive for concrete solution, making it completely impermeable to moisture.


Pour the foundation is desirable at a time, you canuse a mixer. If necessary, the solution was tamped to obtain no air pockets. Removing wooden formwork for the foundation can be done in 2-3 weeks.

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