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How to put a strip foundation


The foundation for any house is the foundation.

Tape foundation is the most popular in private construction.

It refers to monolithic foundations, to build such a power to any owner of a construction site.



The depth of the ribbon foundation should be determined byType of soil. It is important to know whether the soil is homogeneous on the site or not. On terrain with heterogeneous soil, there is a threat of a fracture of the whole house. That is, at this point the depth of the basement should be much deeper, up to 90-120 cm. For such a terrain, a base foundation with an expanded base will do. This will help reduce the load on the soil.


Where does the construction of the foundation begin? Initially, perform its markup on the site. Prepare the reinforcement, thick fishing line. Stroke the bars around the perimeter, pull the line. From the inside of the resulting perimeter, pull the line again. The given fenced place will be the future trench under the foundation.


Dig a trench of a certain depth, taking into accountSoil composition. At its bottom, distribute the gravel in 15-20 cm of height. Tighten it, while watering. Thus, a pillow was prepared for the future ribbon foundation.


Next, install the formwork. It can be made from boards and nails. Install the boards, fasten the prepared boards with nails and a hammer. For ease of dismantling, and subsequently, non-receipt of flaws in the foundation, mount from the inside.


In the prepared formwork it is necessary to lay the reinforcement. It will add rigidity to the structure. Pre-tie the armature with a knitting wire or use welding. Tying is considered the best choice, because In the case of an earthquake or ground motion, welding reduces the physical qualities of the structure.


Lay the armature in such a way that it has an offset from the surface of 5-8 cm. The length of each cell from the armature is 30-35 cm.


Before you begin to fill the tapeBase, determine where the communication will take place. Install asbestos cement pipes for ventilation and water supply. Fill them in advance with sand, so that the solution does not hammer the inside.


Finishing work, pouring mortar. Be sure to consider the issue of waterproofing. It is needed to prevent fungus. You can use ruberoid, or use new materials. Penetron, an additive for concrete mortar, completely makes it impermeable to moisture.


It is desirable to fill the foundation at a time, you canUse a mixer. If necessary, compact the solution to avoid getting air holes. Dismantling of wooden formwork for the foundation can be carried out in 2-3 weeks.

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