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How to put a player on the site

How to put a player on the site

Almost any site from a private blog dedicatedfishing, to the media page requires online registration. As is known, 80% of the information we perceive through the eyes, and this information should not consist of words only.

With the help of self-installed video player begin to show their own videos on the site.

You will need

  • - A computer with an internet connection



Go to the site settings and activate? Optional field number ?. There you insert a link to a video file. If Additional field? No, get a team? Source material ?.


Go to resource http://uppod.ru/ and download the player. Then, save player and a stylesheet file in the site manager.


Download a resource http://uppod.ru/ player code, and paste it into the template? Pages and material codes to it ?.


After the MESSAGE code $ $ in any convenient place, insert the code shown in the image.

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